Before Coming To Give Me Tithe, Take Care Of The Poor And Less Privileged- Reverend Father Says

A lot of things define our existence. From culture, fashion, values to religion. You just name it. Religion is one of the aspect of life people hold with utmost respect. Most people don’t joke with their religious beliefs. This is evident in our society.

Among the numerous religious beliefs in our society, the common ones are Islam and Christianity.


In Christianity, the paying of Tithes as commanded by the Holy Bible has been a subject of debate for a while now. Tithe is simply the one-tenth of one’s earning and it should be paid in the church.

According to the Bible, the reward for paying one’s Tithe is divine financial blessings. Many have however argued that without paying Tithes one can be wealthy with hardwork and determination. This category of people are of the opinion that instead of taking Tithes to churches, one should use it to help the poor in the society.

Others are of the opinion that payment of Tithe is a commandment by God and should be obeyed.


It seems a popular Reverend Father identified as Fada Mentor on Facebook is in support of giving alms to the poor over payment of Tithes.

Fada Mentor made it known on his Facebook page that taking care of the poor and less privileged is better than coming to his parish to give him Tithes.

The father adminished his followers to see the poor first before seeing him.

What do you think about this?

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