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Concern In Gombe Over Scarcity Of Husbands For Single Women

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Rev. Adamu Dauda of ECWA Gospel Church Gombe, is alerted over the alarming rate of single ladies in the state.

According to the pastor, after he noticed that the situation is becoming too much, he had to sumoned a meeting with all the youths in the church to know where the problem is coming from.

According to him, he got to discover that out of 800 youth members of the church, over 400 of them are still not married. “so I began to take the initiative to talk to them one on one.” he said.

He revealed that in the course of having a talk with them, he was surprised when some of the ladies opened up that no man came to propose to them.

“Then I asked, did you not see anyone that you liked? Some said yes, but they could not go to the man because it is against African culture.” he said the church is looking at the angle with the hope of finding a solution.

When the Nation Newspaper approached some of the ladies to find out why they are not married, they give different reasons.

For instance, a single lady identified as Godiya Adamu who is 35 years, said she met at least five suitors but none is serious about marriage. “As far as I am concerned, life continues with or without a husband,” she said.

According to her, she is left with no option than to accept her condition in good fate.

Hear her: “What would I do? I can not force myself on men if they do not come,” she said.

Another lady identified as Amina, a Fulani woman, said men in the state are reluctant to approach her because of her level of education and exposure.


“So to me, the option is of course to remain single and be both the mother and father to my children.” she said.

For Esther, a 45 year old single lady, blamed it on drug. According to her no lady would want to settle down with drug addict. She urge ladies to relocate to other state if they are serious in getting a life partner.


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