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I Was Conned By Online Scammers Into Giving Them All My Savings

Due to the current desperation among youths and the elderly to secure employment,most graduates all over Kenya are usually willing to do anything just to secure a permanent job to cope up during tough moments. After completion of my degree studies, I was desparate to secure a job. This desparation was brought by so much pressure from my family who had high expectations from me. For them, someone who had a degree is expected me to have secured a job immediately after campus so that I could help with the family financials.

One day, as I was going through an advertisment of job vacancy, I came across one that best suited my profession. I immediately called the number provided and the person who picked up the call spoke like a professional. I knew at that moment God had finally answered my prayers. The guy instructed me to go to their offices and make a payment of 25000 for me to be able to secure the job. Luckily I had some savings with me. The next morning I made the payment to their office where I was assured that I was to start working the following week.

However, that was all staged and it was all a scam. I tried to call their customer care but the number was out of service anytime I called. I even went back to where their office was located only to find it was empty. They had already evacuated. Life became so hard after being conned. I had to find ways of surviving now that all the savings I had had gone. I was forced to start other people laundry just to survive. One day as I was doing laundry for one customer, she asked me why I was doing this kind of job yet I was still a young girl. I explained everything to her and she advised me to visit Doctor Mugwenu. He was to help me catch the conmen.

Early the next morning I went to see him and explained every detail. He asked for the contacts of the people who had conned me. I provided the number and he changed some words ordering them to return the money to me. He told me not worry as for my money would be back. One afternoon unknown number called me crying,confessing of how they are sorry for exporting money from me. They had sleepless nights because they had been hearing strange voices demanding them to return the money. One of them was paralysed, he couldn’t feel his hands. They sent me back all the money with 2000 bonus for causing me all the emotional troubles. Doctor Mugwenu helped me teach
the scammers a lesson by making them face tough consequences for their actions.

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