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COSEYL Defends Sen T A Orji Over Security Votes.

An Apex youth Organization in the Southeast geopolitical zone, Coalition Of Southeast Youth Leaders (COSEYL) has defended senator Theodore Orji former Governor of Abia state over the disbursement of security votes that he collected for the eight years he held sway as the Governor of the state.
In a statement signed by the group’s President General Chief Goodluck Ibem and Secretary General Comrade Kanice Igwe respectively they said
“The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), the umbrella body of all the youth organizations in the Southeast zone, having gone through the publication of the Nation Newspaper of Sunday, May 17, 2020, captioned ” How I blew N38.8b Security Votes in Eight Years – Senator T. A. Orji”, wish to state as follows”

They said “That His Excellency Senator Theodore Ahamefula Orji, the distinguished senator representating Abia Central Senatorial Zone and who held sway as the Executive Governor of Abia State from 2007 through 2015 used the security votes that were allocated to his office judiciously. That as a former civil servant who rose through ranks and who knows, understands and appreciates the relevance of financial discipline and accountability, His Excellency Chief T. A. Orji ensured that every farthing of government was properly accounted for and diligently too.”

COSEYL said “That during his tenure as Governor of Abia State from 2007 to 2015, he received international and domestic awards as an accountable leader and a manager of lean resources. Several international reputable organizations wrote to his office to honour him at that time, most of which he turned down. The only awards he received were those his people invested him with, which turning down would mean neglect.
That Senator Orji bought and distributed brand new cars, expensive security gadgets, Hilux Jeeps and other exotic brands of vehicles on regular basis to all security agencies, to ease and facilitate statewide patrols and operations in the state which enabled them to perform optimally thus earning him award as the most security conscious governor of his time. Equally were logistics made available to all security agencies from the said security votes. These facts speak for themselves and are subject to verification because some of those security heads in the state at that time are still alive”

They maintained “that when Senator T. A. Orji was governor of the state his tenure was faced with serious security challenges ranging from heist, broad daylight robbery to kidnapping. Severally were banks robbed on weekly, if not on daily, basis. As a committed leader sworn to the constitutional oath of protecting and securing his people, Chief T. A. Orji used the security votes at his disposal to deal decisively with those hoodlums, flushing them out of the state. It was during this era that the kidnap kingpin Osisikankwu was neutralized.That Chief T. A. Orji’s tenure reclaimed Abia from the hands of certain elements who hitherto terrorised the state, thereby returning calm and peace to the commercial city of Aba which was almost losing its pride of place given security challenges. This equally led to return of investors and further growth of the state’s GDP, reopening a whole lot of economic vista for SMEs, informal sectors and jobs creation”

They said “That as it stands, the federal government has invested over N2 trillion in the fight against Boko Haram insurgents and armed bandits in Borno, Adamawa, Yobe and other states in the North and have yet to make a headway in the fight to eliminate these insurgents and hoodlums. But in Abia state, Senator T. A. Orji received N38.8b security votes in eight years which he used judiciously to stop notorious kidnapping and robbery gangs. That it beats all intelligent minds why the former governor who is now a senator of the federal republic was not appointed to head Senate’s committee on Defense, his proven track records given.
That most of us who are members of this Coalition and Abia indigenes living in Abia state witnessed with our very eyes the security exploit of Senator Orji. His good intentions for the betterment of the Abia were never in doubt”

They said “That Senator Orji deserves to be duly appreciated for achieving such a great feat during his tenure as governor. Entrepreneurs and Abia illustrious sons who left the state because of security threat returned as the state under him became investor friendly and investors’ destination.
That those who question how he used the security votes given to him are persons who don’t understand what it takes to maintain security and peace in a state; who have no knowledge of the demands thereof. One of the most expensive and essentially pivotal services provided by government to the citizens is security. Senator Orji did his best to ensure Abians and other residents enjoyed relative peace and security throughout his stint and stay as the governor.That during his days as governor, restive youths who would have resorted to crime where empowered; young women/men were trained on various vocational skills. These persons after training were given start-up capitals and equipment related to their area of specialization to start their businesses and vocational callings”

According to COSEYL “that the Coalition is not a politically affiliated group with any vested interest in governance other than its desire to see to actualisation of democracy and good governance; this said, it is behoveful to even, in the midst of things, to set the record straight so that those not privy to the facts are apprised of same. That all this media brohaha is just the handiwork of few disgruntled elements who were denied the opportunity to feed fat from the state coffers as the governor’s prudence denied these elements such opportunity.
That Senator T. A. Orji when he was executive governor of Abia state proved his mettle. Those calling for the Senator’s head should desist from cheap political blackmail and subterfuge and channel their issues, if any legitimate one exists, to the appropriate quarters as posterity watches”

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