Could You Believe She Is Just 33-Year Old? Meet One Of Mzansi's Most Successful Ladies - Opinion -

Could You Believe She Is Just 33-Year Old? Meet One Of Mzansi’s Most Successful Ladies – Opinion

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This month Topgister brings you something other than Pages. We will publish articles about the lives of famous celebrities and their impact on society, but first we will meet Khanya Mkangisa.

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Khanya Mkangisa born is a South African actress best known for her roles in the popular series Isidingo, Shattered, Step Up to a Start up and Harvest. She is also a TV presenter and DJ. She has also had well-known roles on YoTv and Dating.

Born on March 13, 1988 in Paddy, South Africa, Khanya Mkangisa graduated from AFDA, School of Creative Economics. She met rapper Jay Molly, who is 10 years her junior, which sparked a lot of rumors and gossip in October 2019.

Her success was confirmed when she appeared on TV shows and hosted Yotv at the age of 14. He worked in production for three years.

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To boost her career, Khanya Mkangisa continued as she organized an educational events called Knock Knock. In 2004, Ms Mkangisa made her first television acting role in the series Mthunzini.Com.

Later Khyana Mkangisa joined The Lab1 as “Refilwe” and Ugugu noAndile. As a presenter, she hosted the Shield Teen dance show. Since then, she has appeared on the popular shows Zone 14 in 2011 and Intersexions in 2012. In 2012 she starred as Anna in the BBC production of Mad Dogs III. In 2013 Khanya Mkangisa was part of the regular cast of the series Zabalaza and played the role of “Mpilo”.

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According to the online media INFORMATIONCRADLE, Khanya Mkangisa owns a total networth of around $650,000, which is around Rs 95,383,696. Based on this discovery, there was no doubt that Mkangisa is young, beautiful and highly successful. To add to her personal qualities, she is talented, wealthy, and sets a good example for other women, and that is why she is the woman we are discussing about today. Do you really think she is just 33 years old?


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