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This Couple Wedded On The 31st Of December 2020 And The Husband Died Yesterday.

The joy of a newly wedded couple is to love each other till old age but their are some unforeseen circumstances that might happen during their time as couple.

A newly wedded couple had an eventful wedding on the 31st of December, 2020 but it is quite unfortunate that the husband has been confirmed dead after a brief illness.

It was indeed a tragic news that their eventual wedding lasted for one week. The husband whose name is Wisdom Nwadigbo died in the hospital.

According to some reports, Wisdom Nwadigbo was 41 years of age and also a native of Abia State.

According to his wife, she confirmed that her husband was enduring some minor illness before their wedding.

Here is a confirmed reports compiled by Dema Bwambale;

Here is the picture of the newly wedded couple;

Here is the picture of the husband;


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