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My Cousin Almost Snatched Away My White Husband

My husband and I met during my studies abroad. We happened to be on the same class pursuing the same course. We started dating 3 months later and after I had finished my studies he proposed. After graduation, we travelled back to Kenya to officially announce our engagement.

Normally in our culture,the husband usually brings gifts to brides parents which entails cattle, money as dowry for marriage approval.

When he visited my parents that day, my cousin started being so cousy with him. She would ask as many questions as possible to gain his attention. At first I thought it was a normal behaviour. After official introduction, we decided to stay for a while so that he could atleast learn of our culture and our ways of living.

My cousin continuously came to visit me. She made sure she got his attention.
At times when I was not around my husband she would sneak pretending to be looking for me but in
real sense to see him,cook for him all the african dishes so that my husband would fall for her.

One day as I came back home from work,one of my neighbours called me and said that she had been watching closley at my cousin and wondered if I had given her permission to be around my husband when am not around.she said that even the type of clothes my cousin was wearing infront of my husband was wanting.

The two had started becoming so close for some reasons I didn’t know. My husband started mentioning my cousin’s name more often anytime we had a conversatio about my family. He praised her and termed her to be someone with a good heart.

One evening as I came from the market, I walked on two of them kissing but my cousin wasn’t shocked by my presence instead she lowered down her pants, took it by her hand and waved it around my face saying I did not deserve him.

My husband on the other hand did nothing about it. I decided enough was enough. I needed assistance immediately and so a friend of mine advised me to meet doctor Mugwenu saying, these white men are one in a million,once you have one just know your life has changed.so you have to protect what yours.

I went to meet doctor Mugwenu at his workshop and explained everything. He took out some herbs and gave it to me. He Instructed me to use it while taking a bath for 3 days. I was not to use any other soap when taking a bath. I went back home and did as instructed by the doctor for 3 days.

The herb finally worked, my husband stopped mentioning her name anytime we had conversations. At one point when my cousin stopped by, he asked her dont you always have things to do?you are always here cooking all kind of meals and serving me as my wife. Dont you see there a woman in the house or are you blind?

My cousin felt so ashamed,left and swore never to come back to my place ever.
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