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Covid-19: The Second Wave Of Covid-19 Is Getting More Serious As Patients Depends On Oxygen (Opinion)

I personally wanted people to see this pictures because those pictures cannot lie. Some Nigerians still doubt the existence of the pandemic in Nigeria because they think it does not exist in Nigeria and i wonder,what on earth will make you think it’s false when the proves are there for you to see.

This pictures were taken at a hospital in Yaba IDH in Lagos state were some Covid19 patients are being interviewed by a journalist and some people will be deceived into believing that the pandemic is just the African type of Malaria.

Shame on you that in this 21th century where you have your phones,cable news networks, still doubt the existence of the pandemic. In as much as Africa is lucky not to have felt the weight of the pandemic does not make it false.

European giants are dying in their numbers everyday, of course you watch the news and also browse it through your phones. I wrote a report about thousands of people in a beach in Lagos state enjoying themselves and people were blasting me,that i should leave people to enjoy their lives,after all there is no Covid-19 in Nigeria.

A pastor friend in Awka, Anambra state was telling me there is nothing like Covid-19 in Nigeria,that tells you the kind of mindset,mentality we Africans have. Go to every foreign cable news channel right now,70% of their news is Covid19 based and someone will still open his mouth to tell me it’s not real.

Common to wash your hands,cover your face and distance yourself from your neighbor is extremely hard for us as Nigerians when the western world who knows the value of life does that, just to make sure he lives.

Is high time we step up because if you are not in tune with what’s happening globally, you will be swept under the carpet, that our government have lost the trust of the people is not the issue,this is about your life not the government because when you die from it government “no no you”.

The only thing they will know is that a number has being added to Covid-19 deaths in Nigeria and it keeps rising by the day.

Lastly,when you don’t value your life even “Common Catarrh” might kill you. God helps those who help themselves.


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