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COVID- 19 UPDATE: ‘Even Distribution Of Vaccines Is The Only Way To End The Pandemic, ‘Sanwo Olu Reports


The Governor Of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo Olu has emphasized strongly that even vaccine supplies is the only route all world leaders can choose to end this ravaging pandemic once and for all globally. However, Sanwo olu reported that his state have successfully vaccinated 30% of it’ s entire populace with one year since the vaccination exercise began as part of the measures of eradicating the virus from the state.


The Lagos state governor, Sanwo Olu, gave a brief illustration at the 2021 ” Global Citizen Live Concert, ” held at Fela’ s Africa Shrine in Ikeja, Lagos on the state have distended the accessibility of the vaccine throughout all local government areas in the state which started in the month of March and the state’ s target is to vaccinate over 60% of it’ s entire populace. Also, he added that ” the world leaders must do everything in their power to make sure that the vaccines are made sufficient for every living being across the world. ”


Furthermore, Sanwo Olu, reported that the present challenge faced in the fight against coronavirus is nothing but uneven distribution of vaccines whereby higher developed countries get the lion’ s share of the vaccine while underdeveloped and low countries get low vaccine supplies which in return diminish their efforts to terminate the pandemic.


” Lagos state, which is known to be the epicentre of the virus had engaged in several vaccination administration, which helped to vaccinate over 16, 000 persons each day, which allowed the state to vaccine a total of 405, 000 persons during the first rollout of the vaccines while a total of 289, 000 persons were vaccinated during the second rollout of the vaccines, ” Sanwo Olu reveals.


However, he added that ” the vaccination rate in Nigeria so far is very low compared to the minimum target directed by the World Health Organization (WHO) per country and as a result of this, it would take nothing less than three years for Nigeria to achieve vast immunity against the virus. We cannot continue at this pace if we really want to be out of this pandemic in little or no time. “


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