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COVID- 19 UPDATE: FG Astonished As UK Government Rejects Nigeria’s Vaccination Cards And Certificate


Nigeria is currently not in the list of more than 50 countries which the United kingdom government approves of their vaccination cards and certificate and in consequence of this, some fully inoculated Nigerians are being isolated for a period of ten days before they’ re are allowed access into the country.


However, Nigerians in the United kingdom have conveyed their annoyances and infuriation over the coronavirus test they’ re subjected to in the United kingdom, regardless of the fact that they’ re already fully vaccinated against the virus. But, it was noted about few weeks ago that Nigeria is on the ‘ amber’ list of the United kingdom, which means Nigerian travelers would be restricted, regardless of the fact if they’ re already vaccinated against the disease or otherwise.


As at Monday 4th October, 2021, the federal government of Nigeria expressed their disappointment and sadness over the new policy issued by the UK government, pondering why Nigerians should be sufferers and victims of such a situation.


The representative to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs Esther Sunsuwa, stated that; ” The current act shown by the British government baffles the Nigerian government but nevertheless, we will look for a way to do something about it. ”


Meanwhile, the United kingdom government reported in a statement on it’ s official website saying; ” Fully inoculated residents and citizens of other countries as well as those who are partially vaccinated, will have to undergo a pre- departure COVID- 19 test on the second day and 8th day after arrival as well as being isolated for 10 days, out of which the test result will be released on the 5th day. ”


Furthermore, it included that only qualified and legitimate vaccination travelers with a certified vaccine and recognized vaccination certificate from another country who isn’ t in the UK red list would be able to replace their second day test with more affordable lateral flow test, cutting down the cost of PSC tests in England.


Additionally, A United State’ s transport secretary reported that the U. S government is working towards a future whereby there can be safe travels for each and everyone across the world but our major aim is to protect the lives and livelihoods of our citizens here in British in order to avoid the important of more variants of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.


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