COVID- 19 VACCINE OR 666? See Why COVID- 19 Vaccination For Civil Servants Has Nothing To Do With 666 Marks


The Federal Government of Nigeria recently issued a deadline of December 1st for all Federal civil servants across the country to be vaccinated with the Covid- 19 vaccine, and any civil servants who fail to comply with the directive will be barred from entering any federal government offices across the country.


Meanwhile, some people have begun to misinterpret the Federal Government of Nigeria’ s new rule. Some believe that this new instruction is nothing more than the Antichrist mark of 666, as revealed in the book of Revelation 20. However, the federal government decree may resemble the order that the Antichrist- led Government would issue after the rapture of the believers of God and before the beginning of Jesus Christ’ s millennial rule on this terrestrial globe, earth.


When the archangel’ s trumpet sounds, all the dead in Christ will rise first, followed by the live saved souls, who will meet in the cloud where Jesus Christ will host His brides at the marriage super of the Lamb. All of God’ s saints will be rewarded in accordance with their service to God and humanity.

After the rapture, the Antichrist and his minions will seize control of the world’ s government, and all human beings, young and old, male and female, will be compelled or forced to take the beast number, known as 666. Without this mark, one cannot buy or sell, nor can one enjoy any government or public facilities; in fact, the people of the world will be forced to take the mark, and once one takes the mark, one is doomed for all eternity, because the mark is an identity of Satan that the blood of Jesus Christ’ s atonement cannot remove; the end of such people with the mark of 666 is nowhere else but hell fire; that will not be our lot, in the name of Jesus Christ.


In conclusion, the new federal government decision on mandatory vaccination for federal government employees should not be equated with the mark of the antichrist.



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