I Have A Crush On My Neighbour’s Husband, I Don’t Know What To Do (Fiction)

Staying devoted to my marital vow was one thing I had always promised myself until I started associating with my neighbour’s husband. Mike seemed to be a wonderful and perfect man and I could not help but notice him. It happened that they were new in our area and my husband helped them to secure the house which was very next to ours. The family is a rich one and mike was full of brain, masculine muscles and with broad shoulders. He always came to the house with his wife and their two sons. One day, while they ate sinner with us, he spoke of his numerous travels to both advance and less developed countries. He spoke about cars, sports politics, entertainment and business. This made me realize that he is the kind of perfect man. I have always been aware of my physical beauty and knew that he might fall for it.

We also visited them in their home and they always made us feel welcome. One faithful evening, my husband was not around so I thought of going over to stay with our neighbours. It happened that his wife was not at home and the boys were asleep. We spoke at lengths and he took me into his study. He showed the lots and piles of books which he always read on a daily basis. I realized how brainy and intelligent he must be and all of a sudden, I could perceive the scent of his perfume. He smelled of cherry, a scent I also like. I realized that we share a lot in common and he also knew it. Just as he stretched out his hands to hold me, we heard his wife honking at the gate. We returned back to the sitting room and I stayed a little longer before going.

One day at work, he called my line and we spoke at lengths. I knew that it was going to lead to something else if we did not stop the chemistry from growing especially because we are both married. I have sworn not to break my marital vows and didn’t hope to break it now. I knew I started all these but I needed him to stop but he always sent me early morning chats and good night messages. Am not sure of what to do but please someone should advice me how to stop him before my husband thinks am cheating on him.


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