Cubana Chief Priest Is The King Of Fashion, Checkout His Outfits [Photos] - Mc Ebisco Cubana Chief Priest Is The King Of Fashion, Checkout His Outfits [Photos] - Mc Ebisco

Cubana Chief Priest Is The King Of Fashion, Checkout His Outfits [Photos]

A lot of people did not pay attention to fashion concerning the male species, they have regarded them fashion-less. This notion came about when men wear any outfit they laid their hand upon, not caring about their color combination nor accessories. This is partially true, men have to work hard to cater for their family, leaving them with little or no time to consider fashionable outfits for themselves.

Cubana Chief Priest is a business man, he owns a nightclub in Owerri which bring in a lot of money for him. He is also a show promoter and has been doing well for himself over the years. He is very wealthy and spends a lot, making many suspect the real source of his wealth. But what we are concerned about today is his taste in fashion, he seems he is the king of fashion after all.

Cubana is very stylish, he has a niche of using assorted cars to compliment his fashion taste. He always wear color of outfits which blends with the ride that he is about to pose with. These set of outfits would cost a lot, but we can’t deny the fact that it has a nice feel and look exquisite even from the outside. It’s obvious that Cubana is a man of weight, so he usually goes for outfits that compliments his body structure perfectly well.

Outfits like the senators wears are perfect for men of his calibre, they are designed by skilled and qualified fashion designers. It comes in different colors solely based on your preference, black shoes always match with any color you decide to choose.
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Round necks and jean are also another set of outfit rocked by Cubana, they portray a normal sensation and you would definitely feel comfortable wearing them.

Fashion is the physical representation of one’s personality to the public, so irrespective of one’s gender, we should all learn to dress up decently. Fashion is way more than just wearing matching outfits, it must be tailored well bringing a sense of belonging to the recipient. Being a night club owner, he had definitely seen a lot of influential people rocking outfits that speaks of wealth and valor.There is a saying that states, one should cut their coat according to their sizes, you do not have to go all out to impress people fashion-wise without having the means. You could start choosing native attires which are cheaper to sew. Traditional wears differs from each other, tribes has various ones which is used to portray their culture and tradition, Cubana isn’t an exception as he rocked his native outfit well.

Your shoe is also another very important aspect to your fashion taste, black or white colors are the most preferable. This is because they blend with any other color and fit in perfectly well. Keeping tabs on celebrities would definitely improve your taste in fashion, they would never wear any outfit that would lead to a fashion disaster in public.

The most interesting aspect of the Nigerian men fashion is the fact that they do not need sophisticated outfits to look classy, just a simple outfit and a well tailored design would do justice. You can opt to wear suits, shirt and trousers, clothes with patterns or animal skin prints. They all look good on you once you have the right accessories to compliment them.

Fashion designers are working round the clock to ensure that they continue more styles for the benefits of their customers, giving them variety of dress styles to pick from. Cubana isn’t only rich for mouth, his dress style clearly speak of wealth and influence.


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