DA Leader Visits Ukraine To Discredit Russian Propaganda On Social Media Targeting SA And British Politicians
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DA Leader Visits Ukraine To Discredit Russian Propaganda on Social Media Targeting SA and British Politicians

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DA Leader Visits Ukraine To Discredit Russian Propaganda on Social Media Targeting SA and British Politicians

KYIV – Russia has been accused of using a troll factory to spread false information surrounding the war in Ukraine according to The British Foreign Office. Amid the controversy, leader of the Democratic Alliance John Steenhuisen touched down in Ukraine for a six-day mission to find facts surrounding the ongoing war.

Several politicians from numerous countries including South Africa and Britain have been targeted by the troll factory on social media. According to UK-funded expert research, the disinformation was created to mislead the public around the world and increase Russian support.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the Kremlin and its “shady troll farms” are spreading lies about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s onslaught on Ukraine. Steenhuisen will visit refugee camps, meet various politicians and interact with citizens to get a full understanding of the effects from the Russian invasion. Steenhuisen said during the era of fake news, an investigative mission is the only way to uncover the truth, News24 reported.

Truss said the UK government has informed its international counterparts of the development and will work together to challenge the misinformation. Research showed that the troll factory used the social media platform, Telegram to find new supporters and troll activity has been detected on eight other platforms, according to TimesLIVE.

Social media users weigh in on Steenhuisen’s visit

@UtdFansOwnUtd commented:

“So Steenhuisen is more interested in what’s going on in the Ukraine than in the townships of the Western Cape? Why am I not surprised?”

@NdlovuMerv posted:

“This is a classic example of performative politics. What is the leader of an insignificant opposition party going to accomplish by visiting Ukraine when it doesn’t even have the ability to influence the foreign policy agenda of SA in relation to the Russia-Ukraine war?”

@robbyscattolin wrote:

“Who paid for the trip and why? What business does he have to go there? Will he fight or just send stupid pictures and meaningless tweets. Come fix SA bro, we have issues here as well.”

@Pampie59 added:

“So politicians are risking their lives visiting a war zone where millions fleet this sound like another Hollywood.”

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