DANGER ALERT: Northern Bandits Are Fleeing To The South Due To Ongoing Military Operations - Mc Ebisco DANGER ALERT: Northern Bandits Are Fleeing To The South Due To Ongoing Military Operations - Mc Ebisco
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DANGER ALERT: Northern Bandits Are Fleeing To The South Due To Ongoing Military Operations

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On Monday, there were clear indications that bandits fleeing the military offensive in Zamfara State were migrating to southern states.

Security agents in other states have been warned to be on the watch for the fleeing criminals, according to top security sources who talked to Punch.

Bandits Moving To The South

Following intelligence indications that bandits being ousted from Zamfara State were heading southwards, the South- West states reportedly put the regional security organization, Amotekun, on high alert.

Residents in Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, and Oyo states were urged to stay watchful and protect against infiltration by fleeing hoodlums, according to Amotekun Corps commanders in separate interviews.

They made the statement when gunmen stormed the Kabba Correctional Centre in Kogi State, freeing 240 convicts and killing two soldiers.

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Tourists Kidnapped In Ekiti State

On Monday, a total of four tourists were kidnapped in Ekiti State.

Last week, the Federal Government ordered telecoms providers in Zamfara State to shut down their base stations as part of the offensive against bandits who were committing indiscriminate kidnappings and killings in the state and other parts of the North- West.

The bandits were also suffering from hunger as a result of the state government’ s and neighboring states’ decision to close regular marketplaces, where they were obtaining food.

Bandits Killed In Zamfara

Many bandits were reportedly slain during military raids, and others were alleged to be leaving Zamfara State.

” A few days ago, some of the bandits fled to Niger State and were dealt with by the military, ” a senior police officer stated. Security agents have been warned since some of them are travelling south. ”


Amotekun Ekiti Speaks

Brig Gen Joe Komolafe (retd. ), Corps Commander, Amotekun Corps, Ekiti State, said the agency had always anticipated that the ousted bandits would seek asylum in neighboring states and was proactive in preventing their infiltration into Ekiti.

” We have always anticipated that when they are dislodged, they will want to move to other states, ” Komolafe said. ” That is why every time we come out, we talk to the citizens and ask them to report strange faces to us. ”

” We attempt to monitor the routes and entry points as much as possible; we know that criminals may not enter the state by road or by the main routes; it is for this reason that we always tell our people to report suspicious faces to us.


” We patrol the woodlands; we have individuals on the farms who will report odd faces on the farms or in the bushes to us. We aim to persuade people to provide us with information regarding suspicious faces and movements.

” We also have excellent working relationships with Amotekun in neighboring states, as well as all of the state’ s security agencies. ”


Ondo State Amotekun Speaks

Chief Adetunji Adeleye, the Ondo State Amotekun Corps Commander, revealed that the security organization had received a security report on the fleeing criminals.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, he said, had directed the corps to put in place appropriate security measures in the state’ s 18 local government areas to deter bandits from attacking.

” We have received information from a solid intelligence report that the fleeing bandits are on their way, that they aim to linger in the forest to wreak mayhem, and that they are closing in on us quickly, ” Adeleye said. The bandits intend to start with Ondo State as a frontline state, according to our source.

” As a result, we’ ve deployed significant intelligence around the state, with the primary goal of preventing infiltration and attack. We don’ t want them to strike before we catch up with them. As a result, we’ ve visited every local government region, every major town, and the forest itself.


” On the other hand, we are using all of our resources to assure that if they come to this state, they will face their doom. Our intelligence is currently on the ground in every corner of the state. And we’ re keeping a close eye on everything. That is what Mr Governor has asked me to do, and I shall carry out his instructions to the letter. ”

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Emeka said: ” Liars. They will kill indigenous people, tag them bandits and then switch boko haram into the @HQNigerianArmy and @PoliceNG, @NigeriaGov is made up of terrorists and criminals. Fulani terrorists. ”

Chidinma said: ” Buhari exported the bandits to Southern State to continue with their jihadist agenda. Say no to Fulani take over of Nigeria, we thank God for given us IPOB @AmnestyNigeria @UN @SecBlinken”


Ayowale said: ” It’ s all part of the grand plan. Justification of retreat, then the defender have grounds to propel the oppressors into southern states. The south should open there brains, there is fire on the mountain baayi ooo. ”

Kunle said: ” Yoruba leader have take money sell there people. . . . bc they have private jet. . . . but God will disappoint them when it time for them to escape”

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