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DANGER In Anambra State As IPOB Members Confronts Lawyer, See What They Did Him


There has always been a security issue in Nigeria even though thousands of soldiers and policemen are being recruited every year. Nigerians boats of thousands of soldiers and police personnel, yet, insecurity is still on the rise.

It is believed that Nigeria has over 200 million population and its police force is not up to half of the country’ s population. It has also been claimed that Nigeria does not have enough police officers to enforce the law, due to that, the evil groups in the country have not all been identified and proscribed by the Nigerian government.

While some parts of the country have alleged that there is a sponsored attack against some of the region. Some regional security outfits were formed to protect the people of the region but still, insecurity has not reduced.


In recent times, many people have made lots of complaints about a group identified as IPOB. Despite being banned by the Nigerian government, IPOB has continued to operate in the southeast zone and many news reports have claimed that the group members carry different weapons which they have used to launch different attacks against people in the zone.

In today’ s news, a Nigerian lawyer alleged that he recently met with some members of the IPOB and it would be very hard for him to forget the things that he saw and the experience he had.


According to The Cable, a Nigerian lawyer identified as Fabian Onwughalu claimed to have met with some IPOB members in southeast Nigeria. Narrating his ordeals, Fabian Onwughalu said ” I was in Anambra state recently to meet with my client and one of my brothers. ”

” When I was done with the meeting, I prepared to leave and I entered my car. After doing that, I drove off and increased my speed limit in other to get to where I am going as fast as I can. Unfortunately for me, a black car pulled right in beside me. ”


” I thought they were armed robbers so I did not stop but instead, I increased my speed and ran. I thought they wanted to collect the amount I withdrew from the ATM but I was not sure and I was not ready to stop to ask them. Their car was old and it had no number behind it. ”


” I tried going to the police station but I remembered that the police had relocated to another venue. I continued my journey while also running for my life. There was a big pothole in front of me so I reduced my speed limit but unfortunately, they took over my car and asked what I was doing to stop Nnamdi Kanu. I couldn’ t believe the type of guns they were holding. “


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