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DANGER: IPOB Finally Identifies Evil Agents Used By Uzodimma To Carry Out Attacks Against Residents


There have been different attacks against the good people of Imo state by unknown gunmen. Different things have happened in the southeast zone in the past days and it is widely alleged that these attacks were carried out by IPOB. On many occasions, IPOB has been accused of attacking innocent residents of the southeast region who refused to obey sit- at- home orders.

IPOB has been accused and disgraced by a lot of people who claimed that the group has nothing to offer other than to destroy the region and threaten innocent people. IPOB has been labeled as a bad group and members of the group have been warned on several occasions by the Nigerian government.


The Nigerian government has proscribed the group due to the alleged things that members of the group have been accused of doing. Members of the group have been accused of killing, kidnapping, destruction of properties, using people for ritual, and working for some politicians.


Some of the members of the group who have been arrested in the past have been sentenced to jail by the police. Some are currently in the detention of the Nigerian Police awaiting trial. The leader of the group, Nnamdi Kanu is also in the custody of the Nigerian government.


Also, the governors of the southeast region have kicked against the activities of the group on many occasions. Despite everything that is happening in the southeast zone, IPOB has released a statement.

According to Naija News, IPOB has alleged that the evil people who have carried out different attacks on innocent people are sponsored by the governor of Imo state, hope Uzodimma.

IPOB in his address stated that Uzodimma is aware of those behind the attacks on the people in the region and he must be held accountable for what is happening in the zone.


IPOB said ” We have gathered a lot of reports which has made us understand the reality of the Crimes Committed Against our people in the south- east zone. He has realized that hope w alongside his friends has formed a group whose existence has led to the death and destruction of millions of properties. ”

” We have discovered that there is no other person who is responsible for what is happening in imo state other than the governor of the state, hope Uzodimma. He is behind all the problems of the people and he must be held accountable for what has been done to the people by his men. “


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