“I Only Date Black Men For One Thing”, See How Mzansi Men Showed Their Grammatical Prowess On A Post

The issue of racism is a global one not only associated with South Africa. However, it seems like this present generation is destined to end this skin prejudice owing to their loud lice against the false judgement.

In the past we always witness huge resistance whenever someone who does not belong to a particular racial community come to ask our daughter’s hand in marriage. This was because of the fake barrier we allowed to overrule us. Thank God for today’s youth, who have started saying no to all forms of racism.

This came after a beautiful lady revealed that she like dating black men. According to her, our skin color is nothing and that should not limit us from from marrying whosoever that we want. Since I became an adult, I notice that black men are hardworking and they never give up in attaining a goal. So I decided that, being in relationship with them will be the best thing that can happen to anyone.

However, I have not been disappointed as my current boyfriend is what every woman should wish for.

What’s your take on this?

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