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After Dating Her For 4 Years And Paying Her Rent For 3 Years, Check What He Caught Her Doing

Love is a beautiful thing when it happens. However, one has to be cautious on who they fall in love with, because sometimes the people you cherish and fall in love with, may somehow not actually feel the same with you. And though, they may stay with you for a time albeit, their reason for being with you, is just for the material gain.

This come after a man lamented on twitter concerning a lady he was dating. According to him he has been dating the lady for about four years now and have paid her rent for 3 years now. Albeit, yesterday, he shockingly caught her having an affair with another man. Saddened by the event and not knowing what to do, he left the room in pain.

So a day after the incident, he received a message from the lady. Guess what? She gave him the new guy’s number requesting him to call the new guy and confess to him, that there’s nothing going on between her and him.

This indeed sad and heartbreaking, and no wonder there’s a clamor for men to join the stingy association of Nigeria. What do you think about the issue above?

Meanwhile, below is how some people reacted to this:

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