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When Dating A Man Over 40, Be Careful – Brnjamin, Zulu Warns

Benjamin Zulu advices pre 25 kids to stop dating senior bachelors by being impressed with their cars and houses.

You will be totally miserable beyond help. They will never respect you and will never see your opinions making sense to them. Senior bachelors most have the most huge yawning issues as they are several generations older than you. Don’t get emotionally involved and don’t buy into what they say to you. You think 50 year old men that are single, were floating from heaven for you. Check the characters that kept them single for long.


When dating senior bachelors, study them keenly, carefully and intensively before you commit yourselves to relationships. Most senior bachelors have baby mamas entangled with many issues. They have been serial cheaters with ladies and have informal arrangements and they are disorganized.

Now they are pushed by the society to marry. Their parents will love you because they know you have come to rehabilitate their son and they will rush to you as you are innocent with small brains. So as to confuse your thinking to look like a wife but will continue to cheat outside there.

Benjamin zulu warns pre 25 kids to date their agemates who will collaborate with them at the same level….Continue Reading The Full Articles


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