Days After Aisha Buhari Returned To Nigeria From Dubai, Source Reveals Why She Decided To Come Back

Just a few days ago, there was a media storm when reports emerged that the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, has returned to Nigeria after spending six months in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

In December, Sahara Reporters had made an exclusive report saying that Aisha Buhari had relocated to Dubai because of insecurity challenges in Aso Rock Villa. It was revealed that she didn’t feel Aso Rock Villa was safe for her family.

Aisha Buhari had reportedly relocated after the wedding of one of her daughters, Hanan, which held in September last year, and since then she did not make any public appearance, and also stopped posting on social media platforms. Many had wondered what exactly was going on, and when the First Lady would return to the country. But sources who spoke to Sahara Reporters said that she was not in a hurry to return.

But the anxieties of many were a bit settled a few days ago when reports emerged that she is back in the country. But the questions that were probably on the minds of many people were – what made her to come back? Does it mean Aso Rock Villa is now safe for her?

In a recent report which was made by Sahara Reporters, a source revealed to Sahara Reporters the reason why the First Lady came back.

The presidential source revealed to Sahara Reporters that the First Lady’s return is partly due to the ailment of Mamman Daura, an 81-year-old nephew of Buhari. It was revealed that Daura is now paralysed on the left side, and is now in Kaduna battling with his health.

Sahara Reporters reported that for a long time now, the 81-year-old man nephew of Buhari has been seen as the leader of a strong cabal or “powerful kitchen cabinet” who had allegedly succeeded in hijacking President Buhari’s power since he came into office. And that now that he is away from the Villa and managing his health in Kaduna, the First Lady feels somewhat secure in the Villa.

It was gathered that with Mamman Daura sick and less active and out of Aso Rock Villa, Aisha Buhari will feel a bit secure, and that his ailment will reduce the power tussle in the Villa, even though there is another young man known as Sabiu, otherwise known as Tunde “Idiagbon” that she has to contend with. And that she can handle Tunde “Idiagbon”.

These reports are quite worrisome, and they leave one battling with a lot of anxieties and questions? The presidential source that made these revelations to Sahara Reporters – are these revelations things to be worried about? Is it true there is a power tussle in Aso Rock Villa?

The report said that there’s a strong cabal in Aso Rock Villa that hijacked Buhari’s presidency since he entered office – is this something to be worried about? Is it really true that the First Lady was feeling unsafe in Aso Rock Villa because of some strong cabal in the Villa? Too many questions that beg for answers.

What do you think about this – do you believe there is a cabal in Aso Rock Villa causing confusion in the system? Tell us what you have in mind, and also share the article so that others can contribute too.

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