Days After Popular Nigerians Actors Died, Another Bad News Hits Nollywood

The Nigerian movie industry is one of the major industries in Nigeria that has been overwhelmed with sad news ever since the beginning of the year 2021.

Prominent actors and actresses have been reported dead barely a month into the year 2021. A few days ago saw the death of a Nollywood legend, Dan Nkoloagu and Ernest Azuzu. Now, we are faced with another heartbreaking news.

According to a viral video that is currently circulating on social media, Nollywood actor, director and producer, who is by the name Prince Chukwuemeka Ani, is currently in a very bad condition health-wise. The video was published on the 28th if January which saw the Nollywood legend lying helplessly on his hospital bed in Owerri.

The actor went on revealing in the video that he was admitted into the hospital since December of 2020 but his condition needs money. He said he has already undergone some operations as the doctors have tried to save his life, but he can no longer bear the burden alone.

Hence, he begged for people to support him financially for his hospital bills so to save his life. The Nollywood legend, Prince Emeka Ani has been reportedly down with what doctors call Chronic sore of the anus and diabetes. It was revealed that the cost of his treatment is at 2. 8 million Naira. Hence, the ailing Nollywood legend cries out for help from benevolent Nigerians to support him.

It should be noted that actor Prince has featured in over 100 hundred movies, and he is considered a veteran and a legend in the industry.

The actor has several awards and recognitions under his belt. He has served us with good movies, hence, it is time for us to make sure that another death is not recorded on the templates of Nollywood this year again.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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