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“How I Deal With Men That Wants Me On Their Bed” – Ondo State Traditional Ruler Reveals

HRM Tinuade Babalola Adejuyigbe is the current Regent (Adele) of Iboropa Akoko, Ondo state. She became the first female Regent in Iboropa at age 16 February 23rd 2015. She was crowned a regent after the death of her father, HRM Oba Emmanuel Bablola, the late king of Iboropa land. Now, Tinuade is 22 years old. She is a graduate of Public Administration from Adekunle Ajasin University. In an exclusive interview with popular Nigerian Journalist, Gbolahan Adetayo, Adejuigbe spoke at length about her new status and some challenges facing her as a regent.

Enjoy it:

Since you have been crowned as a regent,how has the journey been?

It’s comes with mixed feelings actually, though, it has not been easy financially but I’m happy that I’ve been able to impact lives positively.

It is not easy financially, can you explain better this part?

Well, as a regent my salary is N50,000 monthly, no car to move around with and I’ve got responsibilities on me that I must take care of, so it has not been easy considering the fact that the last 5 to 6 years I was schooling and ruling at the same time.

How are you coping with that?

Well, I’m working, I’m a farmer and thanks to friends and family who understands what i am going through, they help me in such a way that they can. As a regent, I’m not allowed to work, so I try to engage myself in ways that are profitable for me. I am a farmer, I have an NGO and I own an online store. I have a farm land where I plant crops that are harvested and sold yearly, I also have fish pond in my palace.

Do you still go to farm to work since you got on the throne?

I don’t go to work but I go for inspection.

When you want to go out, how do you move? Do take taxi or you have gotten a car now?

I have an old car I use within the state but when traveling outside Ondo state I use relatives car most times. Glory be to God Almighty, I got a car gift recently even though it’s not a brand new car but it’s better than having to travel in public buses.

It is believed that only a virgin can be installed as a regent, how factual is that?

Well, I can’t speak for other community but it’s true in my case, as you know I’m the first female regent in my town.

Meaning you don’t have a boyfriend then and now that you are on the throne?

Obviously I was only 16years old when I was crowned and the position of a regent demands celibacy.

Now that you are crowned, are men not coming to date you?

Well I get advances from men but as tradition demands, it’s not possible and I try to educate them on that.

How do you cope with your sexual feelings?

No comment.

When do you intend to get married?

I’m too young to be thinking of marriage.


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