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Dear Ladies, Please Stop Wearing These To Church

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It’s too horrible that the church is now the spot that certain people want to go instead of worshiping and appealing to God to demonstrate their fashion sense.

Too many girls have complained about being punished for putting on indecent dress by the usher or the jurisdiction of the church.

The church should not be a place where you put on clothing that are so provocative, and no one comes to church to see how well you are wearing.

Note: If you go to some other venue other than the church, you can opt to put on whatever you feel like.

If you do not wear these kinds of clothes below, you will escape some kind of humiliation from the church ushers.

Show the Dresses Back

It’s not just right to come to the church with your back all open, try to wear clothing that won’t expose your back.

Gowns for Sleeveless

I see no reason why any girl should put on such a thing when she goes to a place of worship.

If you need to put that on, much like the picture below, make sure you have your jacket on.

Tiny Skirt/Gown that will not protect the leg when you sit down

No, there’s all these shades of false. Any ladies should add this on and use a handkerchief while they sit to protect their legs.

Why do you have to go through the stress of that?

Always do what’s right, please.


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