Dear Ladies, If You Still Love Your Female Organ, Stop Engaging In These 3 Habits

There are so many things which we are doing that we are using to cause health problem to ourselves. To us, we are seeing these things as good ones and the only way to enjoy ourselves. But to say the pure truth, these things are very unhealthy to our body which we need to stay far away from, if we truly want to live an healthy life.

Nobody can pray to face any health condition, but some people are deliberately doing some things that can cause problems to their health. That is why I write this article to educate our young ladies on what to avoid doing, so as not to destroy their female organ.

On this page about two weeks ago, I taught our young men about some habits they need to stop doing so as to avoid things that will damage their male organ. But in this article today, I will be teaching our young ladies about some three habits they also need to avoid doing, so as to protect their female organ from damaging.

As we all know, when it comes to fertility, both male and female need to take care of themselves so as to avoid facing problem of infertility. Man can face the problem of infertility while woman can also face it. If a man has done some things that have damaged his male organ, this can make him to find it difficult to impregnate woman. If a lady also engaged in some bad habits that finally damaged her female organ, she will also find it difficult to conceive. So, this means both male and female are suppose to pay full attention to their health and avoid any thing that can damage any part of their body.

So i will like to advise you to read these 3 habits which our young ladies should avoid doing, as I’m about to list them one by one below and make sure you put them into practice so as to live an healthy life.

These 3 things are listed below:

1) All Ladies Should Avoid Taking Drugs So As To Prevent Pregnancy After Making Love With Their Partner.

Taking drugs all the time you have love affairs with your partner so as to prevent pregnancy is very dangerous for lady. Not all drugs you are seeing are healthy to take all the time. It has also come to my notice that a lot of women of nowadays likes taking different drugs after they have love affairs with their partner so as to avoid pregnancy.

This habit is very dangerous and you need to stop doing it. If you want to have love affairs with your partner and you are not ready for pregnancy, Is better to tell him to use protection. But taking many drugs all the time after you made love with your partner is dangerous and it can affect your female organ. If this thing have been affected by too much of drugs you have taken so as to avoid getting pregnant after making love with your partner, it will make you to find it difficult to conceive.

2) All Women Should Avoid Smoking And Drinking Alcohol.

Smoking Cigarette, Tobacco and Weed, and drinking alcohol is very dangerous for everybody especially ladies. When I was young, I thought it is only man that loves smoking and drinking alcohol. But when I grow up, I started seeing some ladies who are also engaging in these habits.

Smoking and drinking alcohol can make you have cancer. Liver, kidney or lung problems which can affect your female organ. When this thing have been affected, this will make you battle with infertility.

3) All Women Should Avoid Taking Drugs So As To Abort Pregnancy.

When you know that you are not yet ready to carry pregnancy, why did you have love affairs with your partner without protection?.

The way some single ladies are doing abortion nowadays has become what we need to talk to ourselves. A lot of young ladies are now taking drugs when they realised that they have been impregnated by their partner, and they are not yet ready for pregnancy at the moment.

Taking drugs so as to abort pregnancy is very dangerous as it can damage your female organ permanently. So all young ladies should put all these three things into practice so as to avoid what will affect their female organ.

Thanks for reading this article.


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