Dear Men, 3 Signs A Woman Cannot Live Without You

Women were created from men and God have made it in such a way that a man can not live without a woman and a woman cannot live without a man. However, most women tend to hide this away from their men, they made the man believe that they can survive without them. But if you are man, here are 3 signs a woman Cannot Live without you.

  1. After quarreling with her, she calls you first to apologise, whether she is the one at fault or not. She always want both of you to be in good terms, then know hat she can’t live without you.

  2. She drops a message in the morning, afternoon and evening every day. Not every woman can text their man a love message once in a month. But when your woman send you a love text three times everyday then know she can’t live without you.

  3. When She misses work and possibly lose her job all because she wants to take care of you when you are sick, my dear, she is priceless as she knows your value and do not want to lose you.

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