Dear Men, Here Are 4 Things Ladies Want From You But Won’t Tell You

In a short note, I will reveal few things Ladies want from you but they won’t ask you nor tell you. Ladies often sit under the shed of pretence and tend to keep a lot of things to themselves even tho they want to share it. Bulk of times, Ladies really wants to say Yes to you but will say No. Why? Cos they want you to be consistent and want to know if you really want them so as to protect their pride. Hence, when you go your way they feel broken.

Below are things Ladies want from you as a man but won’t tell you.


1. A partner to keep their company especially someone who listen to their talks: Every ladies wants a partner that will always follow them and be with them all day. In a nutshell they need your time. Ladies has a lot of talks which they need someone to share these talks with but they will never tell talkless of requesting for you. One of the things you need to satisfy a lady is you sparing time and alears to listen to all their gist and talks.

2. They expect you to call them always: Every ladies wants you to always keep contact with them by calling them always irrespective of your relationship status with them; I mean even if are not dating them. They always want your attention but they won’t tell you nor request for it. To maintain a good relationship with a lady and satisfy them you will be ready for marathon calls.

3. A partner they can have deep talks with: This is slightly different from the first point; “A partner to keep their company especially someone who listen to their talks”. A Lady always have some confidential gist they really want share with someone. Guess what, if you are really close to a lady, it is one of their major wish to let out this deep talks by sharing with someone they can confide in. Funny enough they won’t tell you they really need to have this type of conversation with you, to make them glad you will need to make yourself available for them.


4. Money but No courage: One of the major things Ladies badly need but may not open up or tell you is Money. A lot of ladies need this money from you but do not have the courage to request, ask, or tell you. Probably because of their self pride and some lacks the courage, some dislike it naturally and few people will consider your pocket. To make a lady like you more silently, then ined to pump some money to their account since they won’t tell you.

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