Dear Men, Here Are 4 Ways To Satisfy Your Woman Apart From Money




Every woman deserves to be satisfied by her spouse, though if you can’t really satisfy her 100%, you can try to be between the range of 80% – 90%. Many men have this stereotype that with money, women can be satisfied but that isn’t right.

Here are several ways to satisfy your woman:

  1. Love & Affection: As a man, you need to show genuine love and affection to your woman, this love should continue even after several years of marriage. The love and A shouldn’t due after few years of marriage, let the love be eternal. Also pay attention to her little and small demands, show that you affectionate and with this alone, your woman will be satisfied.

  2. Be Her Friend: Yes you’re her husband or boyfriend but you also need to be her friend or even best friend, you should be that someone she can seek advice from or run to in times of trouble. Be that person she can confide in, by doing this she’ll surely be satisfied without having to meet someone else where to share her problems with.

  3. Be Supportive: Be that man that supports your woman’s dream in any of her endeavors, be that person she can lean on, be her backbone and a motivator. Doing this will make your woman to be satisfied.

  4. Be Up To Task: In as much as money can’t do everything, you need to be up to task in some certain things, be ready to give her all her needs and attention. Be competent enough to provide all her desires and wants.

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