Dear Men: 5 Ways Ladies Behave When They Don’t Love You Anymore.

Ladies generally do not really know how to hide their feelings and they tend to show it in their actions towards you. Men, please let’s be cautious and sensitive. Do not be carried away by her beautiful face and her lovely curves.

Listed below her 5 ways to know that your lady does not love you anymore:

  1. Shifted Attention: The attention of a lady that does not love you will shift from you to other things. She will no longer make herself available like before. A lady would stop to give you attention the moment she has seen someone better than you.

  2. Comparison: She will start comparing you to other guys and will make you feel bad about yourself. She will use your weaknesses against you. Beware of ladies who compare you with others especially your close friends.

  3. Nagging and complaining: she will nag and complain at any slight mistake and she will start looking for excuses to leave you. Be careful When the nagging continues.

  4. They way you communicate will be affected. Let’s assume she is the one that does the calling before. If she suddenly stops calling you unlike before, then she is feeling big already.

  5. Rude behaviours: She will be rude towards you unlike before, do the wrong thing and will still not be sorry for it. A woman is likely to become rude to you the moment she is no longer interested. She’s probably looking for you to get angry and leave her.

If you notice these signs please find a way to fix it.

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