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“Dear Men, If A Girl You Aren’t Married To Asks You To Send Her Urgent 2k, Reply Her This” – Reno

Reno Omokri is on it again. This time he has given men a shocking and thought provoking advice. On his Twitter handle, he has advised men on the kind be of reply to give, if a girl asks for urgent 2k from them.

Reno Omokri is a Nigerian and a motivational speaker. He’s a lawyer by profession, an author, and one time P.A to the ex- president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan government. He is also the pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California and Abuja. To many people on social media, Reno Omokri is a good imparter of great things on them. He is seen as bold, courageous and inspirational in all his post, especially, on Twitter.

On his Twitter handle, Reno Omokri told his male followers never to send urgent 2k to any girl they are not married to. Instead, he advised them to reply the girl by telling her that if she really needs 2k, she won’t be texting with a 50k phone.

People have reacted to this post on Twitter. Many male followers of Reno Omokri, saluted him for this didactic reply he advised should be given to girls. According to them, some girls are too demanding. While on the other hand, some persons think Reno Omokri’s advise is not good, as it is not wrong for one to ask for help.

See screenshot of comments below:


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