Dear Men, Never Make These Mistakes in Your Next Relationship

Mistake is no doubt something inevitable. Regardless of how hard we try to avoid it, we make them. We can’t in any way blame ourselves, that’s what makes us human. However, making same mistake everytime doesn’t make any sense! Let’s learn from our mistakes and from mistakes others are Making. Below are 4 mistakes I believe men should stop making in their Relationships.

  1. Never be too proud to that woman who loves you. This is something man men are fond of, once they observe that a lady is truly in love with them, they start misbehaving. You shouldn’t make her regret Loving you too much. Funny enough, she will prove to you one day that she can live with you. Value her when you still have her.

  2. Don’t be a man who is always getting jealous. I do feel for ladies who date men who are too jealous. Imagine a man who suddenly calls you and asks where you are. He starts to ask for proof that you are really there, he requests for a picture or a video call. You can’t snap pictures With other guys. Jealousy will at some point make you feel insecured.

  3. Don’t trust a woman you just met too much especially if you haven’t married her. Not all women are to be trusted, some can wreck one’s life if care is not taken. Make her earn your trust! Do not let a woman manipulate you. Sometimes women use you but will deceive you and make it look like you are the one using them.

  4. Don’t have intimacy with this woman knowing you can’t marry her. It is a very wrong thing to do and you shouldn’t repeat it again. Why don’t you wait till you are married? You think it is fun but it isn’t. Let’s always remember our culture wherever we are. Intimacy is worth waiting for!

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