Dear Men, Start Showing A Woman These 5 Signs If You Want Her To Easily Develop Feelings For You

When you have feelings for someone, telling them is sometimes the best thing to do or showing them signs to prove your love for them. They won’t get to know how you feel about them if you don’t profess your feelings directly or indirectly.

As a guy, you shouldn’t haste to make a move and shoot your shot when you like a girl. If you prolong it, you can miss the chance or better still lost her to another man that is one step ahead of you.

Dear men, start showing a woman these 5 signs if you want her to easily develop feelings for you.

1. Start building a strong friendship with her.

If you want to win a girl over, you have to be close to her. You can’t just expect her to like you when you hardly know each other. It will be difficult for a girl to start developing feelings for you if you’re not close to her. You have to maintain a close and healthy relationship with a girl if you want her to like you. Before you know it, you might get attached and she might start having feelings for you.

2. Start making her feel important and special.

Girls love to be pampered and want to feel special all the time. If you can start making a girl feel special and important, you can easily get her attention. A girl won’t hesitate to start developing feelings for you if you flatter her and talk much about her in the presence of others. If you can show this sign to a girl, she will surely like you.

3. Introduce her to your friends.

Girls know this one thing about guys that they only introduce the girl they love to their friends. She will understand that you like her, and that’s probably why you introduced her to your friends. If you show a woman this sign, she will easily develop feelings for you.

4. Take her out frequently.

If you have feelings for a girl and you want her to feel the same way, ask her to come out with you during her free time. Take her to some fancy places and make her have a great time with you. You don’t even have to stress yourself anymore if you show her this sign, she will develop feelings for you naturally.

5. Send her gifts.

Another sign you can show a girl if you want her to easily develop feelings for you is by sending her gifts. Surprise her with things she didn’t expect and make sure she will feel like hugging when she receives the gift from you.

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