Dear Men, If You Still Love Your Male Organ, Stop Engaging In These 3 Habits

When a man has used his money to buy what is harmful to his health, he will then be using money to buy drugs that will cure him. Meanwhile prevent is better than cure. This article is written so as to open our eyes to some things which many of men are doing that can cause problem to their male organ.

As you all know that this page is created to educate us on how to live an healthy life. So I will like to advise you to be visiting this page everyday so that you will be reading many health articles that will lead you on how to live an healthy. Health is wealth. If someone is suffering from one or two sicknesses, he/she will not be able to enjoy life like the way other people are doing. Although, there is possibility for human being to sick, but the most very important there is that we should not be the source of our sickness.

As a human being, if you are doing something that can harm your health or any part of your body, this mean you are deliberately causing health problem to yourself. This article is specially written for some men who are engaging in some habits that can harm their male organ.

As a man, if you know that you are among some men who are doing any of these 3 things I’m about to talk about below, my advise for you is to desist from it so as not to cause problem to your male organ by yourself.

As a man, if you are engaging in these 3 things listed below, you need to stop it if you truly love your male organ:

1) Stop Drug Abuse If You Still Love Your Male Organ.

It has come to my notice that lots of men of nowadays are addicted in taking hard drugs so as to satisfy their woman in bed whenever they want to have love affairs together. This habit has become a norm in our societies nowadays to the extent that both single and married men are now taking hard drugs so as to satisfy woman in bed.

Taking hard drugs every time you want to make love with your wife or girlfriend can affect your male organ. Apart from this, taking drugs without instruction from doctor can cause many health problems to your body. That is the reason why you need to stay away from drug abuse.

2) Stop Drinking Too Much Of Alcohol If You Truly Love Your Male Organ.

Everything in this life has limit, and the moment you have done more than the limit, will result to abnormal. Alcohol is good for body but drinking it like water every time can temporary or permanently affect your male organ. Alcohol is not meant to drink excessively. Apart from affecting male organ, too much of alcohol in the body system can also cause many problems to your body. So drink it responsibly.

3) Stop Smoking Cigarette, Weed Or Tobacco.

Are you aware that every male organ has tiny hole and flesh? This is one of the reasons you need to stay away from smoking because whenever you smoke Cigarette, Tobacco or weed, this will make the Nico Nitric acids to penetrate through the tinny hole and get trapped. If you continue to smoke these things, this can affect your male organ.


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