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“Dear Single Men, You Are Not Expected To Do Things For Girlfriends” – Reno Omokri




Reno Omokri a lawyer and an activist has posted on his verified official Twitter handle that as a single man you are not expected to do things for your girlfriends. This might sound very off as not all girls and guys believe in this. In most cases single women expect men to provide them with everything.

However, some men gift girls things just to woo and buy them over. This in turn makes girls think that every man must do things for them when they don’t even have. Following Reno Omokri post, he said the only people who expect you to do things for them are your parents, boss, and customers, and for that girlfriends shouldn’t be included.

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He went further to make it clearer that you should do things for people who will appreciate it and not people that expect it. In other words, girlfriends expect that you will do things for them because you are dating them, and for that most of them don’t appreciate it at all. Many think it is their right and a must from a boyfriend.





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See the full read of Reno Omokri tweet below and the mixed reactions from both male and female Twitter users:

“Dear single men, never do things for people who expect it. Do things for those who appreciate it. The only people for whom you should do things that are expected are your parents, boss, or customers. Youโ€™re not expected to do things for girlfriends.”

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In my opinion, I think a boyfriend can do things for his girlfriend when it is very needed and necessary. Girls shouldn’t take it as their rights because most of these single men go beyond their pockets to make things available for their girlfriends.

What do you have to say about Reno Omokri statement? Kindly leave behind your opinions on this tweet above.

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