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Dear Yahoo Boys, We Love You But Take It Easy. This One Almost Destroyed A Poor Woman’s Life

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I was at home Jeje, gently and quietly awaiting lunch when I heard a very loud sound of a vehicle screech followed by a very loud bang of an obvious crash.

A guy who some said is a yahoo guy whose “Maga” just paid. According to witnesses who claimed to know him, recently bought a foreign used (still with no license plate) Lexus ES 300 and decided to take it for a nice drive around town today Saturday 12-0-20.

He was driving at criminally high speeds within Ibadan metropolis at about 12 p.m. along Akala express road, Ido LGA.


catching his fun, he had one hand on the steering wheel and with the other hand was fiddling with his phone while also chatting up a girl he had in the passenger seat, at high speed o, Haba! Okay. Maybe he was trying to impress the girl o, me I’m not sure because I wasn’t there when it happened.

Precisely by Revival church junction, before Kuola bus stop

According to eye witnesses I met at the scene, at high speed, he saw a pothole quite late and tried to maneuver. Unfortunately, he lost control of the car, hit a road kerb which sent the car literally flying over roadside drainage and then over a little child, before eventually crashing into the child’s mother’s container shop.

Thank God for the Kerb which made the car fly over the child, and thank God that the mother was quick to react and move out of the shop before the car crashed through her kiosk damaging the kiosk and the wares she had. Though she was slightly injured, but it could have been much worse.

Thank God for 4,personnels of the Nigerian Police, they arrived in less than five minutes, I was quite impressed! But, I’m “not understanding” why some of the men had a slight smile on their faces. Where they happy for the crash, or where they happy that there were no deaths (A miracle.)?

Someone suggested that maybe they’re happy that the guy will still “wash the car for them well well” before bailing the car and himself. I don’t know o, you make your conclusion. But me I’m just relieved that nobody died, though the kiosk owner was injured and was quickly rushed to the hospital in another car by the crashed car’s driver.

A costly bill to sort out…

Now this crash leaves the driver with significant bills to sort out. First to treat the lady, repair her shop, replace her wares, repair damages to the wall. Then he’ll “settle” police personnels and finally repair his damaged, yet to be licensed car.

Thankfully, he and the girl came out of the car with no obvious injuries except, to his pocket.

So, dear Yahoo guys, we love you, but when next your maga pay, just take easy. Biko!

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