Decamping To APC Does Not Guarantee Makinde An Automatic Ticket, As Others Are Power-Hungry (Opinion)

Dear reader, this is my way of airing my opinion as regards the political game in Oyo State. I hope that you join me in this journey as I urge the executive governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde to stay back in PDP and set his house in order against 2023 gubernatorial elections, rather than decamp to the All progressive congress, APC.

As I already stated in the title of this piece, Decamping to the APC will be a waste of energy, money and other forms resources, whether liquid or not for Makinde because that would not guarantee an automatic ticket for him to run for a second term under the flagship of the APC in 2023 in Oyo State.

The reasons for my conclusion are not farfetched. First, top politicians who contested against him in the last electioneering year are still power hungry and not burying their ambitions anytime soon. Let alone those who for the political exigency in 2019 sacrificed their ambitions to support Makinde’s candidacy in 2019.

For instance, Bayo Adelabu, the APC gubernatorial flag bearer in 2019 will do everything in his power to contest in 2023 again. Lanlehin and Sharafadeen Alli are also in this shoe. Not forgetting the ill-fated ADC’s Adesoji Akanbi.

The 2023 has started already in Oyo. Only those who do not know the drum’s interpretation would think it’s a mere noise. Makinde, rather than decamp to the APC should strive to rebuild the broken bridge that binds him and the leadership of the party in his state.

Already, the rejection of his membership by the APC is a signal that he should stay back at home and mend his broken relationship with the elders of his party.

Rather, he should attend to his party before things get out of hand. I am aware of the many crises in his party, however, Churchill’s way must be plied at this time, that is, “jaw-jaw is better than war-war”. That is the only way to restore peace into the party and make things work out well for 2023.

He that has a ear, let him hear.

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