Why I Declined a 10Million Shillings Offer - Jimmy Gait - Mc Ebisco Why I Declined a 10Million Shillings Offer - Jimmy Gait - Mc Ebisco

Why I Declined a 10Million Shillings Offer – Jimmy Gait

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Gospel artist, Jimmy Gait, has always been on the spotlight for being criticized on the types of songs he releases. He has opened about about his experience with dark forces that lure musicians with money and a wealthy lifestyle. He said he was offered Ksh.10 million to change his genre of music.

“As long as you are in the music industry, you will always face some of these issues at some point. I met these individuals who wanted to sign me on condition that I do not mention the name Jesus in my songs,” Jimmy Gait stated.

He was approached in 2015 and offered a down payment of the 10 million shillings and also an offer to market his songs across the globe. Jimmy Gait said that he rejected the offer stating that he was born again and wouldn’t let anyone lead him astray.

He has also warned other musicians and upcoming artists to follow their dreams and not basing everything on earthly materials. He revealed that it took him a while before he began generating income from his musical career but he is proud of his efforts.

“I am very well acquainted with how freemasonry and Illuminati works. I have done extensive research on them. When you are in media entertainment and if you don’t know how they operate you will fall for them,” he said.

A year ago, Jimmy Gait underwent a treatment for hyperacidity in India, which had been misdiagnosed as throat cancer by Kenyan doctors.

“If Kenyan doctors operated on me, the problem wouldn’t have been sorted out because it’s in my stomach. The doctors here (India) told me it would have graduated into stomach cancer. When I was coming here I was afraid of what would happen, but thank God for everything. My voice has been saved, my career and ministry have been saved, and I give God all the glory. Thank you for standing with me,” he said.

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