Deeper Life Declares Fasting And Prayers For The Nation

There is no doubt that our nation is going through a very difficult time in her history.We have never had it so rough.

The cup of iniquity in our land is full.lmagine the premeditated murders,armed robbery,the cold blooded assassinations,the ritual killings,the kidnaps,the oppression and exploitations,the widespread looting of the nation’s treasury, and the crises.


The nation’s existence as one united and indivisible nation is threatened by militant groups and regional and sectional interest.

The high level of insecurity and a whole lot of voices calling for war and dismemberment of this great nation are the reasons why members of the Deeper life,lkorodu(made up over 25 Groups) working with the approval of W.F Kumuyi,are going to be involved in 24 hour chain prayer beginning this month of June 2021 until there is peace in our land.Each of the groups would take turns each day of the week,to fast and pray for Nigeria.

Deeper Life Group of Churches in Ikorodu has directed all her members to join in this prayer chain.


Other members of the body of Christ in Nigeria are also encouraged to join in this prayer chain for our nation.

According to Kumuyi:

“For a long time many of us have been indifferent to praying for our country…We’d rather criticize, condemn or cut down our leaders than pray for them.But God desires a positive conscious change.He is ready to intervene if we will take time to call upon his name”.

For our prayers to be effective, Kumuyi observed thus:

(1)lt must be rooted in God’s word;

(2)Our prayers must be governed by the will of God.We know it is God’s will that we enjoy the resources God has given us.We know”this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;who will have all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth;

(3) The Church should not confess only the sins of the land and excuse herself.When we come to pray for our nation,we tell God we have transgressed His commmandments and gone away from His will;then only are we ready for revival-economically and spiritually.

(4)We must check up our walk with God.We must ensure we are not part of those consciously tearing down the society”

(5) Finally our prayer for our land must be such that glory in the worthiness of God.When we pray for the nation,we must consider the attributes and characteristics of His majesty.

The government and people of our land need our prayers.The nation yearns for intecessors who will seek divine intervention and pray that our country,regain her status in the commity of nations.

Let all genuine believers in lkorodu, Lagos and everywhere arise and pray for Nigeria.

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