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I Denied Being A Muslim The Day I Wore Trouser To Greet A Sick Friend At The School Clinic – Lady

Dress codes in schools is expected to be adhered to by the students of such schools. There is this common believe that once you get into a higher institution, you’re free to dress as it pleases you, unlike how you were being mandated to wear the school uniforms like everyone else during the earlier years in the Nigerian educational system.

However, it might interest you to know that some higher institutions in Nigeria are very particular about their student’s dress codes within the school premises. The prestigious University of Illorin have been trending on Twitter after a school made a post about being in the security office over her sense of fashion.

Others have also taken up the hashtag to share their own various experiences with the same issue, a lady identified as Abdullah Robiat also shared that she had once denied being Muslim as a result of this. Robiat said she once went to visit a sick friend at the school clinic while she was dressed in a trouser and a top.

One of the health professionals asked her if she was a Muslim, she had to deny being a Muslim out of fear of being criticized for being dressed as she was. They had to later beg the official who was threatening to call the security for the others. She wrote:

“#unilorin I remembered the day I was wearing trouser with one top like this and I went to greet a sick friend at school clinic. One of the health workers saw me and some few ladies and he was asking if I am Muslim… I had to deny that because baba was frowning at others”

What do you think about strict dress codes for higher institutions?

Do you think students should be allowed to dress as it pleases them in higher institutions?

Leave your comments below.

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