Destiny Etiko Curve Is Child’s Play Compared To This Endowed Ghanian Actress, Moesha Buduong

Nowadays a curvy and endowed women has become the center of attraction and the choice of most men. This has made most the women who are not curvy or heavily endowed to hit the gym,go under the knife,use medication to enhance their body, while some are naturally blessed with it.

Nigerian and Ghanaian are known for their beauty they are not only beautiful but they are also curvy. A typical example of such is Destiny Etiko.

Destiny Etiko is a Nigerian actress who is naturally blessed with big backside, which has made it very hard for most Nigerian men to resist her. She is curvy and beautiful all round from head to toe.

However there is another actress from Ghana who can beat Destiny Etiko hands down when it come to curvy or endowed actress. This curvy or endowed actress is known as Moesha Buduong.

This beautiful and curvy Ghanian, Moesha Buduong is a Ghanaian TV presenter,model and actress. She was born on 10 march 1990 in kumasi, Ghana.

See photos of moesha Buduong below.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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