How To Detect If Your Girlfriend Is A Runs Girl




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Today I’m going to take you through a process that will help you find out if your girlfriend is a runs girl. But before I move on, don’t forget to like, share and make comments on this post.

Who is a runs Girl? A runs girl is a girl who uses her body or beauty to gain monetary income or favors from men who are willing to pay. They are locally called ‘Olosho’ or simply runs girl. There are several ways through which you can recognize a runs girl.





The following is her attributes;

1. Excessive demand

Normally, almost every girl demands from her boyfriend just to be sure if he can do it for her or when she seriously needs help. But regular excessive demand from you might mean that she is a runs girl. A runs girl might ask you for money before she comes to your home.

2. No manners

Runs girls are generally ill mannered, although not all of them are the same. But lack of manners is another way of recognizing runs girl. If you are dating a runs girl, she wouldn’t show you any form of respect.

3. They have excessive love for parties.

Don’t get me wrong on this, I am not saying any girl who likes party is a runs girl, but a girl who always like to attend events, clubhouses alone, without you is a potential runs girl. Their reasons for attending parties is to meet new people.

4. Complicated sexual appetite

A runs girl is extremely powerful when it comes to bed action. It is almost impossible to satisfy a runs girl on bed. This is a result of patronizing different men in on day. Runs girl always complain about your libido.

5. She always say she is busy

Runs girl alway say that they are busy, and they really are. They spend most of their time attending to their so called costumers that they hardly have time for anything else.
This might be stereotypical, but it works in most cases.

Feel free to add yours.

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