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“I Developed An Attitude Towards Him & Acted Like He Didn’t Exit, But He Stepped Up His Game” – Lady

Destiny and Kingsley met through Bestman and Maid of Honour duties but, they didn’t exactly hit off a friendship at first due to how poorly Kingsley handled the groomsmen. But, when they eventually did, it was forever for the two of them who fell head over heels inlove.

Based on Destiny’s narrative:


We were chosen by their mutual friends for Bestman and Maid of Honour duties and we had been briefed about eachother before the wedding and, I looked forward to meeting him because we were suppose to learn some reception entry dance steps that never happened.

So, we finally met on the wedding morning and I was particularly pissed with Kingsley because of the way he handled the groomsmen, he was so uncordinated with the photo shoot section. I completely ignored him throughout the day and ensured I didn’t have loose ends in my duties.

I developed an attitude towards Kingsley throughout and was too busy to care if he existed. But, as the event rolled by, I hadn’t eaten and he was so concerned. He made food arrangements for me and ensured that I sat in one place for once to eat, despite the fact that his friends were at a corner of the hall having a swell time, he stayed with me.


At that point, we strike up a conversation for the first time, we were at a better place so, we got comfortable with eachother. It was time for Truth or Dare games and Kingsley paired himself with me just to get closer to me. The games later ended and I left in a haste as I had to get back to Lagos same day and that was without exchanging contacts with him.

He eventually got my contacts from our mutual friends and kept calling me for months but, I didn’t take his calls. When that wasn’t working, he enlisted the help of our friends to persuade me to take his calls.

However, I have no regrets because our relationship blosomed into something really beautiful and I must confess he us all I wanted in a man.

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