Diabetes: Here’re The 3 Things You Must Take Daily To Put Your Blood Sugar Under Control.

Diabetes, a disease which occur as a result of inability of insulin to convert excess sugar in the body to animal starch called glycogen, has been a major cankerworm digging dip into the health of many people nowadays, especially in an era where larger percentage of what people consume as food are in the form refined carbohydrate which always raise the blood sugar level.

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However, since getting rid of meals which supplies the body with extra calorie of sugar is practically inevitable, therefore, the level of sugar in the body must be under constant check to avoid any of the deadly effects of diabetes.

This article is tailored towards explaining three prominent food we should take daily to put our body sugar under check without having to visit hospital consistently. They include;

1. Bitter Leaf: Naturally, bitter leaf extracts helps to nourishes the body with some dose of insulin which helps to regulate the body sugar. However, some people may not be able to cope with the bitter taste of this extract, so, taking bitter leaf vegetables or spicing up soups with bitter leaf for at least three times in a week, helps in putting the body sugar under constant check.

2. Bitter Kola: Forming an habit of taking at least a bitter kola daily helps to regulate blood sugar. Alternatively, slicing bitter kola inside water and drinking the juice once or twice daily is also a very good method of regulating excess body sugar.

3. Water Leaf: Water leaf does not only control diabetes, it is also a very good delicacy for hypertensive patient. However, consistent taking of water Leaf vegetables, or its extracts helps in managing blood sugar to a great extent.

Conclusively, taking any of the aforementioned foods daily will definitely help in reducing the deadly effects of diabetes to its barest minimum.

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