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“Did Buhari’s Speech Writers Smoke Weed? ”- American Scholar Blasts President


Nigerian- American academic Farooq Kperogi described President Muhammadu Buhari’ s October 1st Independence Day speech as ” one of the worst speeches made by a country’ s head of state on an occasion of solemnity, contemplation and contemplation. This was reported by SaharaReporters.

According to SaharaReporters, he said: ” Friday was boring, empty and ” poorly written and full of bold, transparent lies. He criticized Buhari for bypassing most of the compelling problems that border the nation, but chose to fabricate lies on a historic day. Kperogi explained this in his article ” What weed did Buhari’ s speechwriters smoke?


He said, ” I stopped listening to or reading Muhammadu Buhari’ s speeches for a long time, not only because I resigned from the regime he led, but also because it has some of the most inept speechwriters Nigeria has ever had, especially in the past two years.


” But part of the speech that a friend shared with me caused me to read the entire speech. Everything, empty, tasteless, misspelled, tiresome, boring and full of bold, transparent lies. But even by the hideous standards of Buhari’ s speeches, his Independence Day speech of October 1, 2021 would be considered perhaps one of the worst speeches by a country’ s head of state, inviting solemnity, contemplation and sobriety.

” I identified some key parts of the speech that confused the basic story, turned logic on its head, and lied outright. ” In a paragraph of the speech, Buhari stated: ” Today is intended not only to commemorate the day the British passed power to Nigerians, but also to united Nigerians of all ethnicities, religions and regions.


” Buhari’ s claim that the British” united Nigerians of all races, religions and regions is historically inaccurate. The British did not unite ethnic and religious groups in Nigeria; they have exacerbated our differences and planted the seeds for the disabling physiparity that they hold us back, all for their convenience.

” The British improvised an unequal people, imposed artificial boundaries on them, named their new artificial space” Nigeria ” , shared and then conquered them. for the benefit of the British. Great Britain has no interest in the unification of ” Nigerians of all ethnic groups, religions and regions” .

” It is absurd, but not surprising, that a post- independence Nigerian leader would make such an ahistorical claim on an Independence Day broadcast. It is like a assault victim thanking her assaulter for reuniting her with her son. ” But that is a self- pitying complaint.


A serious country would have worked to undo the damage the British did and left behind. But Nigeria’ s post- independence leaders turned out to be thoughtless and loving bon vivants with no emotional investment in the country.

” That explains why Buhari, who makes the most pious noise about patriotism, is the most submissive Anglophile Nigerian as a leader. Kperogi also reprimanded the Nigerian leader for admitting that his government brought hell to citizens in a civil war situation but failed to address the causes and remedies. .


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