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‘I didn’t Ask To Be Born, I Don’t Owe God Anything, Why Worship Him In Return?’ – Ifa Funsho

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Religion is one of the major catalyst of man’s attitude in this present world and the two major religions have shaped the way people think and live their lives. In the African society, the traditional religion has been set aside or has lost mainstream coverage but there are still many people practicing it in their various communities.

These persons practicing traditional mode of worship are also religious but they choose to worship a different diety, they all fall under the thiest group. A thiest is anyone who believes in a God or diety be it a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Ifa, etc.

Religion as a whole has also been abused by people who hide behind it and commit some atrocities but an objective person knows that no religion promotes or condones vices. All major religions preach against hate, violence, illicit sexual relationships, murder, and many others.

There are also atheists who don’t believe in the existence of a god or gods and these people are scattered across the globe standing their ground with no diety within their scope. A lady named Ifa Funsho on Twitter who is an atheist asked why God needs to be worshiped when infact life ought to be a gift from Him.

She has a series of tweets where she has questioned man’s thinking capabilities and why people believe in the mainstream religions.

In her words; “I never asked for universe to be existed, I never asked to be born, so how did i owe God anything? Theists will say life is a gift from God. If it’s a gift, why is worshiping God expected in return? it’s like getting charged for a service you never ordered. How do I owe God?”

Everybody is free to practice whatever they wish to practice and tolerance of others’ faith is one of the highest form of education. Her intentions for this question is personal as she is an atheist. Atheist are naturally open minded to discussion but need to be convinced beyond doubts by a thiest that there is diety worthy of worship.

As a theist or believer in God, Do you have any better explanation to put to her regarding how man owes God irrespective of the gift of Life?


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