The Difference Between The Internal Organs Of A Smoker And That Of A Nonsmoker (Read More)

A cigars or cigarettes are narrow cylinders filled up/ made up of psychoactive material which are used to ulter the normal activities of the brain and human mind, in typical cigarette, some pieces of tobacco are rolled into thin papers for the purpose of smoking. But unknown to many smokers, some of these cigarettes are filled with junks containing some little quantity of recycled tobacco stems, stalks/leavea, scraps, collected dust and floor sweepings called sheet. The product is then sprayed and diced with a little nicotine extracted from tobacco stems.

Having known the content of a typical cigarette, it is crystal clear that the cigarette most smokers obtain performs more harm than good in the body of a smoker. That photo above shows a typical comparison between the organs of a Smoker and that of a Nonsmoker.

The major organs and the most important organs affected as a result of smoking some cigarettes are the heart and lungs. Smoking generally causes strokes, Heart attacks, Chronic Obstructive pulmonary ( OCPD) also including chronic cancer ( especially cancer of the larynx, the lungs, the mouth and Pancreatic cancer).

The smoking of cigarettes is highly addictive and a smoker may find it very difficult to stop smoking, but it is definitely possible. Over 8Million persons, including Men, women and teenagers across the world die on an annually basis due to smoking, 1.2Million out of the estimated number die as a result of indirect smoking. A Child born to Mother who smoke on a regular basis, while pregnant or after pregnancy is prone to different types of disorders and even sudden death. According to researches conducted, for each cigarette smoked by a person it is estimated that 11 minutes of his/her life becomes shortened.

The ability to stop smoking( cessation) is simple and possible with or without the help of a counselor or verified health personnel. Please stop smoking!

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