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Disaster, Mass Murder And Unprecedented Violence Looms As Anambra Guber Draws Closer, See Why


The November 6th gubernatorial elections in the state of Anambra unexpectedly took a prominent place in the national discourse for no other reason than the looming specter of violence that gripped the state before the elections. This was reported by The SunNews.

In addition to the threat of the federal government to declare a state of emergency because of the deteriorating security situation, and the subsequent violent reactions, the possibility of a free, fair and credible election of the electoral judge in the current political area of ​​tension.

Because of this dilemma, some opinion leaders are already weighing two options: one of them is the possible postponement of the elections to calm the weather; the other is a proposal inviting security agencies to work with the internal security arrangement in the southeast to guarantee the Former Anambra State Governor Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife best explained this in a telephone interview with the Sunday Sun.


According to The SunNews, he argued, ” Now there is violence and fear. If this fear continues and continues through November 6th, many people will not come out. And that’ s going to be a good situation for fraud, so I want us to discuss with the government postponing that election by about two or three months and then also fix things that calm the nerves so people can go out and vote without Anxiety.


” I say November 6th is too close to take action to ensure that people can choose without fear for their lives. And not just move and go to sleep, all of us from the state of Anambra will go down and work on the insecurity that has crept into the state.

Now, acquaintances, they are getting easier to deal with, it was difficult to deal with the situation of unknown armed men, but now that they are gradually becoming known, it is getting easier to deal with their sponsors or those who are sponsored.

Chief Chekwas Okorie, who is a respected opinion maker in the southeast, spoke out against the postponement for a cooperation agreement between security forces and the internal security network in the region. He said, ” Law enforcement agencies have a responsibility to do their job and to reassure people.

A few days ago, the Southeast Asian leaders, of which I am also a member, made powerful decisions on how to use internal mechanisms to deal with uncertainty. It is up to the government to work with the leaders of the Southeast to ensure that the elections take place. But the idea of ​​a state of emergency must be discarded.


You don’ t have to think about anything. ” Nobody should think about a state of emergency. State of emergency, is a measure that will definitely make the situation worse, it will almost amount to a declaration of war in part of the southeast region and no government should be associated with it as many states in the country are at war. and the government has not considered the option of a state of emergency.

The President of the Presidential Advisory Commission against Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay, also intervened, saying that ” everything must be left to the judgment of the INEC and the security authorities. ” It is up to them to assess the situation on the ground. If they can do it without delay, let them do it. Otherwise we have to look for an alternative path to democracy until a climate of peace is created in the country. ”


” So that a valid and credible choice can be made. With regard to INEC, electronic submission of the results is the surest way to ensure the credibility of the process. The convenience or not of the electronic option Expression of the actors’ views the constitutional power granted to the electoral body to determine for itself the appropriate modality that is deemed appropriate for its allocation.


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