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A Disturbed Lady Goes Live On Facebook

This story below will leave you in tears following a cheating claim from a woman who was faithful to his man for many years. “I FOUND out my boyfriend has been cheating on me with various women, including an 18-year-old friend of his daughter.

We were living together and he seemed to do a lot of overtime and getting home late, without being paid for it. I asked – not seriously – if he was cheating but he went berserk and dumped me. I’m 29, he’s 33. We were together for two years. We each moved back in with our parents.

I looked at his Facebook messages on the day we moved and there was filthy stuff between him and this girl. Six months on, he called me saying he’d made a mistake, asking if we could try again. Like a fool, I agreed. So one day I asked for his hone while driving around for errands, but what I saw was not amusing. This man cheats almost every day and with any lady.

When I confronted him, he claimed all those women in his phone are just colleagues and he can’t make love with any. I then showed him a Whatasapp chat with a lady who was naked and he stopped me from further snooping.
Next day I decided to seek services of a witchdoctor who could help stop my man from this random cheating. I reached to Mugwenu Doctors who helped cast marriage Spells and I can confess he has since changed.

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