DJ Mo Unmasked- Naming His Son After Himself and Other Weird Facts About Him

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Mention the name DJ Mo and what comes to everybody’s mind is Edgar Obare’s cheating scandal expose’. Forget about that, how well do you know DJ Mo?

Anytime you hear the name Sammy Muraya, what comes to your mind? Definitely, it’s the late legendary Kikuyu musician Sammy Muraya, famously known for his hit song ‘Mama Kiwinya.’

The Muraya we are talking about is no other but Gospel DJ Mo who has decided that the name great name will not die any soon as he also went ahead to name his own son after himself-Sammy Muraya Junior.

He was born on the 4th of August in 1987. He was named Sammy Muraya at birth and he is the third born child in his family. He lived with his family in Nairobi and eventually moved to Nakuru where he lived with his grandmother. He often describes his grandmother as his hero.

Mo started his formal education by attending at Maragua Primary school. Upon completion, the popular deejay furthered his studies at Lanet High School in Nakuru. After finishing secondary school, he already knew what he wanted to do as his passion was with music. He enrolled at Spin Rage DJ school where he graduated with a Diploma.

He married Size 8 in 2013, and they have been together for 7 years. The couple is blessed with two kids, a girl called Ladasha Belle Wambui born in 2015 and a boy born in 2019 named Sammy Muraya Junior – DJ Mo named his son after himself.

Before conceiving her last born child, Size 8 was said to have lost a child through a miscarriage – it was 10 months before she conceived again.

Growing up, the versatile disk jockey, DJ Mo was fascinated by different instruments and this keen fascination led him into learning how to mix music.

He worked on experimenting with different kinds of sounds that he later applied when he started his professional career at Spin Rage DJ school.

In 2009 DJ Mo was fairly new in the industry when he started becoming popular after making it into the final round Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition.

In an interview, DJ Mo explained his experience before the finals. “I used to sleep at the office deejaying and when the finals came, it was only me and DJ Nelly. Mind you they had said that they wanted to push the beer brand,”

DJ Mo lost to DJ Nelly in the semi-finals of the Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition A few years after, DJ Mo had mastered his craft and was working as a big-time producer in the music industry.

In another interview DJ Mo explained how Christ Kirubi reached out to him, “When I was on stage, Chris Kirubi was like, ‘you are a gospel DJ? And you have that much influence in the category? Come to my office on Monday’. That’s how I got the job at Capital FM,” DJ Mo said.

Through this competition, producers started noticing DJ Mo and opportunities started heading his way and he landed his first job with Capital FM.

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