When DNA Test Says Child is Not Yours, It Doesn’t Mean Your Wife Cheated, This Might Have Happened (See Details)

Dear Nigerian Men,

If DNA tests say a child is not yours, that child is NOT yours.

If a woman comes up with the convenient lie of “baby switch”, NEVER fall for it.

Send her for a maternity test.

IF that baby’s DNA matches her DNA, that is NOT a baby switch, she cheated on you.

Just as there is a paternity test to prove the fatherhood of a child, there is a maternity test to prove the motherhood of a child.

If a child’s DNA does not match a man, that man is NOT the father.

But if that child’s DNA matches the mother, then she cheated on him. It’s simple.

Baby switches are incredibly difficult in a standard hospital. I have to say that categorically.

I know Nollywood and Africa Magic have damaged our reasoning but except the baby was born in a manger, 99.999% of the time, “baby switch” is almost impossible in a standard hospital.

But let’s assume for argument sake, it was a “baby switch”, what will DNA results look like?

In a true baby switch, the baby’s DNA will not match both the “mother” and “father” – because they are NOT the true parents.

But if DNA matches one of them, that person should explain.

I know many of you hate the truth and would rather hold on to ridiculous explanations like an imaginary “baby switch” when Paternity Fraud issues come up but the facts are the facts.

The maternity test is the answer. And if the baby’s DNA matches the mother, she cheated.

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